The Faculty of Languages and Linguistics, University Malaya, was initially set up as a Language Centre on 9 March 1972 and was responsible for conducting language courses relevant to the needs of the Faculties, Academies and other Centres of the university. Among the languages offered are Malay, English, Arabic, Burmese, Dutch, French, Iban, Italian, Japanese, Korea, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tamil, Thai and Vietnamese.

On 27 April 1996 the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics began to offer courses for its undergraduate Programme, the Bachelor of Languages and Linguistics. The Faculty of Languages and Linguistics received its first enrolment of 145 students for the 1998/99 session. Nine language specializations were offered - Arab, Chinese, Tamil,English, Italian. Japanese, German, French and Spanish.

Since its elevation to the level of Faculty in 1996, the institution has developed signifi-cantly in terms of the provision of resources for teaching, learning and research. The faculty has more than 120 academicians who are dedicated to research and teaching in languages and linguistics as well as a wide range of facilities and resource to support learning and research.

  5th Discourse and Society International Conference 2015 (UMDS 2015)
Date : 14 - 15 November 2015
Venue : Faculty of Languages & Linguistics
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Undergraduate study
The Faculty offers a range of degree programmes which focus upon different aspects of linguistics in various languages. To find out more about our degree programmes, please visit the Undergraduate Study page
Postgraduate study
The Faculty offers several programmes at the Masters and PhD levels which emphasize an active research culture. To find out more about our degree programmes, please visit the Postgraduate Study page

The Faculty actively promotes both individual and group research related to language and linguistics. To read more about our research, please visit our Research page.

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